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free internet tv channels usa
How to watch satellite TV via the internet?

Hi. I would like to watch a satellite-TV show via internet, many softwares offer many channels. These software isn’t free. I only want 1 channel, here are the info:

Satellite Coverage: USA, CANADA
Transponder = tp24
Polarity = Horizontal
Down Frequency = 12123 mhz
Symbol Rate = 22000 ksps
FEC = 3/4

I just love to see TV on my pc, but the sad true is most of them are not working like they promise, i spent more that 200$ to check them all, and i found that the best one is internet tv and satellite from:

Because it lets you add your own channels, see pay per view channels for free, and more good and helpful options, so i recommend people not to get burned like me, don’t spend your money for nothing, this one is working with almost every computer, It worked even on my laptop, and i have a very old laptop.

Hope this helps:)

Mike G

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